Teacher support materials

Some of these files are large.  The most effective way of accessing them is to RIGHT CLICK and select save. 


Guide to Propellerhead Reason for teachers and students

Reason is a revolutionary piece of creative software which can be quite difficult to get to grips with.  This guide, written by Omar Khokher breaks down the essentials in a very visual and easy to follow guide complete with musical examples below to download.

Dr. Rex and CF101.mp3             End of Step 2.mp3                   End of Step 3.mp3                Two Dr. Rex loops.mp3


Step1.rns        Step1.rns        Step3.rns     (These three files need Reason to be installed)



Scales with Style

Scales as you've never practised them!  Backing tracks are provided to accompany all major and harmonic minor scales.  Each scale has its own staff notation for all the main instruments and very funky backings to make scale practice fun and motivating.  Written by Omar Khokher

Indian Music - A survival guide       added May 01
This is much more than a teacher guide.  It is a comprehensive survey of Indian music and how it can be used in the classroom.  It also includes pupil materials and worksheets.  Written by Omar Khoker

Flashcards : Rhythms
Small cards that can be used to compose rhythms and teach rhythmic notation and awareness

Flashcards : musical symbols
Large musical symbols to use in class or even as display material in the music room

Flashcards : Musical pitch
Large notes on treble and bass staves to reinforce pitch teaching or to use as classroom display (Now on free site)


9 posters   added April 04

These are simple but effective ways of supplementing your schemes of work by having relevant displays around the classroom.

Assessment guide     added Jan 02
A no-nonsense guide to assessment in the busy music classroom and yes, how it can actually help you and the pupils!!  This handbook provides examples of effective and simple assessment techniques in the classroom and provides methods of converting formative assessments into National levels.

Christmas Carols
VERY handy!  Christmas carols scored in 4 parts for virtually any instrument.  There is even a MIDI file to rehearse the singing.

Songs and vocal activities book (700K)   added Dec 02
A collection of echo songs, partner songs and other fun activities to encourage part singing.  A large download so be patient!

Starter activities for music lessons         added Sept 03 updated Nov 04
A collection of activities to start music lessons with a bang.    Contains lots of flashcards.  We will be adding to this in the future.


Keyboard notes

Good starter activity for IWB - name the notes


Plenary activities for music lessons    added July 05

Powerpoint presentations with a difference.  Play SPLAT! with your classes to consolidate learning activities in a fun wayThis is best done on an interactive whiteboard.  For best results, right click and open the presentations, playing them through Powerpoint


Plenary cards - literacy through music

These are a group of cards which you can give out at the end of the lesson to reinforce learning and get pupils talking about what they have learnt in the lesson.


Rhythm Bingo      (3.25Mb)       added May 04

3 different levels to play.  A great way to reinforce rhythm learning.