Scales with Style

Written by Omar Khokher

A dance style backing is provided for pupils to practise scales effectively.  The scales indicated are in concert pitch.  Transpositions are provided for all common instruments when you download the scores.

Right Click on the pdf icon to download the scale

Right Click on the MP3 icon to download the backing track.


Major scales

Harmonic minor scales Bulk downloads  
A A Download all major scales (.pdf)  
Bb A#
B Bb Download all major scales (zipped sibelius 3)  
Cb B      
C C Download all minor scales (.pdf)  
C# C#      
Db D Download all minor scales (zipped sibelius 3)  
D D#      
Eb Eb Download all the major scale backing tracks  
E E      
F F Download all the minor scale backing tracks  
F# F#      
Gb G      
G G#      
Ab Ab