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Three Little Birds - Bob Marley Contributed by Rob Jones.   A classroom arrangement of this great reggae classic. Chords, riffs and lyrics are given.  
Rockin all over the World - Status Quo Contributed by Rob Jones/Phil Proctor.   Rock the classroom with this ace R&B classic from the kings of the rockers.  
Blue Suede Shoes - Elvis Contributed by Rob Jones.   Another slightly non-standard blues, but fairly easy to put together in the classroom.  
Hound Dog - Elvis Contributed by Rob Jones .  A good standard 12-bar with the opportunity for improvised solos!
Music from the Renaissance.   Four pieces arranged in 3 and 4 parts for classes to play.  There's even a MIDI file to go with each one!   Contributed by Rob Jones  
Pavane - Susato
Pavane - Arbeau
La Volta - Praetorius
Pastyme and good companye - Henry VIII
Courante  Contributed by Rob Jones.   2 part arrangement of this dance from Michael Praetorius's 'Terpsichore' (1610
Tourdion - Arbeau  contributed by Rob Jones (.pdf file)
A more difficult arrangement than the four dances above.  May be more suitable for illustrating Renaissance style to older pupils.  Teaching points include binary structure and syncopation.  Parts can be differentiated to allow for differing abilities.
Click here to hear the sound file

Hava Nagila    Contributed by Rob Jones.   A simple and flexible arrangement for school band in Sibelius format

Yellow Bird - Contributed by Rob Jones.   A simple and flexible arrangement for school band in Sibelius format
4 simple arrangements - Contributed by Paul Davenport of Maltby Comprehensive School.  Useful for school ensembles
Dance of Delight - A great arrangement of a Jewish Klezmer song with differentiated parts.  In Sibelius format.  Contributed by Sadie Zoppos  

Britpop resources - Contributed by Zoe Wadey


Fill my little world sheet

Elvis aint dead work sheet

Wonderwall work sheet

Britpop crossword



World Music    
Three Japanese Songs Contributed by Kaoru Sakamoto.
El Condor Pasa  Contributed by Rob Jones.   A simple standard melody with parts for Bb instruments, chords, C instruments and bass clef.
Poco a poco  Contributed by Rob Jones.  A 2 part arrangement of a traditional Andean tune.    
Andean Waltz  Contributed by Vic Gammon .  A simple arrangement with chords.
Music of Latin America  Contributed by Rob Jones.   A more complex arrangement of a traditional Bolivian melody.  Includes changes of metre, syncopation.    
Merengue!  Contributed by Rob Jones .  Simple, fun piece to play.  Accompany it with plenty of percussion.
Indian Music resources - contributed by Omar Khoker
The Arabic Scale Contributed by Rob Jones .  A composing project for small groups, but can be varied for various scenarios.
Composing & creative work
Harmonic Sequences Contributed by Rob Jones. This project uses the 8 chord sequence used by Pachelbel in his famous 'Canon' and has been the basis of a number of contemporary songs.
Graphic Scores   Contributed by Rob Jones .  A fabulous resource for composing and performing.  Much underused in secondary schools these days.   Here are four ideas for using graphic scores in lots of different ways in the classroom.
Composing a pop song - Contributed by Robin Tait  (.pdf file  94.3Kb) .  A good project which deals with QCA unit 17 and uses Gareth Gates' Anyone of us  as a starting point.
Basic Keyboard Skills workbook, Scheme of Work, Pupil worksheets
This was originally on the Subscription site.  It is an 8 week scheme of work for pupils to familiarise themselves with electronic keyboards.  Good for UK Year 7, and well used in many schools.
Praise You (Fat Boy Slim) - Contributed by Omar Khokher (.pdf files 76Kb).  This is an exercise designed to introduce the AQA Pop Song since 1960 Area of Study.  It uses the piano riff from Praise You as a starting point for composing using riffs.
The Pentatonic Scale - Worksheet.  Contributed by Omar Khokher
Carillon by Poulenc - A good way to teach Rondo form through a fairly simple practical activity.  Provided in Sibelius 3 format.  Contributed by Tantrum Cox
Calypso starter activity - A good way to get pupils into calypso at the beginning of lessons.  By Kemuel Spence
Minimalism exercise - A simple 2 part exercise in phase shifting from the famous football clapping chant.  Supplied as a Sibelius file, but click here for the pdf
Other resources
Teaching rhythm and pulse  by Rob Jones .  A good tried and tested approach to rhythm training.
Music Games by Julie A Smith .  Good fun, but also very good for introducing and re-inforcing musical concepts
Structured lessons for Year 7 (age guide :11-12)  by Rob Jones .  A structured set of lessons complete with illustrations, audio and teacher/parent notes
Word searches  by Rob Jones.  A small booklet of 6 wordsearches covering instruments, terms and composers.  Each has a solution.
UK National Curriculum level notices  by Mark Pallant .  Handy notices to display informing pupils of their current National Curriculum level.
Careers in Music - Contributed by Mark Pallant .  Here is a web based worksheet on careers in music.  Works very well as long as pupils have internet connection.  Could be good for a homework project as well.
Posters for display in the classroom   by Rob Jones- Here are some very simple but effective posters for display.  Instruments and terms
Large rhythms in 4/4 - Powerpoint slideshow by Rob Jones-  22 x 1 bar rhythms to display as a powerpoint slideshow for rhythm practice

The Lincolnshire Poacher - Contributed by Rob Jones  British folk music at its best!  Click here for the .pdf and click here for the Sibelius file

Listening test - A simple aural perception sheet, contributed by Aimee Ford

Tonic solfa - Flashcards (.pdf)    Contributed by Omar Khokher.  Simple flashcards to demonstrate the degrees of the scale in C major

Zum Gali Gali - Contributed by Rob Jones (.pdf file) .  A good 2 part song provided here with various ostinati to make a multi layered piece.   Click here for the sound file
SPLAT! - Fun plenary activity for getting to know instruments.  Designed for use on interactive whiteboard with pupils running out and 'splatting' the correct answer to questions.  Includes pictures and sound in a Powerpoint presentation format.  More of these on the Subscription Site   Contributed by Rob Jones
Rhythm clock - a rhythm activity for the whole class with teacher notes
Music Dominoes - Fun starter activity to get lessons going with a bang.  More starter activities on the Subscription Site   Contributed by Rob Jones
Staff notation flashcards - Large (A5) Bass clef and treble clef notes to flash!  More flashcards on the Subscription Site
Musical terms plenary - a follow on game to reinforce musical terms.  Contributed by Lynn Wood
Handy tunes - A collection of carols & popular tunes written in large notes with chords for accompaniment.  Perfect for class playing on keyboards and/or pitched percussion.   Lots more on the subscription site- by Rob Jones

Once In Royal David's City
We Wish you a Merry Christmas
Good King Wenceslas
Silent Night
Away in a Manger
Jingle Bells
All Through the Night
Londonderry Air
Amazing Grace

Virtual keyboard - amazing resource from Birmingham Grid for Learning

Darude - Feel The Beat MIDI file


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