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Film music

FILM MUSIC REVIEW-The Web Magazine (Home)
Soundtrack Express
Lots of reviews of soundtracks. Well worth a visit
Zimmer Info
All you wanted to know about Hans Zimmer, composer of The Thin Red Line, The Lion King etc. *****
Film Score Monthly . COM
Reviews by Composer
James Horner page created by Ignasi Nogues
James Horner
Filmtracks Jerry Goldsmith Tribute
Filmtracks Modern Soundtrack Reviews
Jerry Goldsmith On-Line
SoundtrackNet / - the art of film and television music

Music technology

Bach, Musicological Font
The MIDI classroom
An insight into using MIDI in the classroom
The home of Sound On Sound magazine online
Excellent site of the hi-tech magazine. Past articles, chat page etc. *****
The Music Software and Technology Learning Center*****
Everything you want to know in jargon free language. Excellent!
NotationStation: Online interactive music education*****
Free download of Music Time deluxe Version 3.

A highly innovative site for teachers and pupils. On line lesson plans.
LogicUser - User Group Home Page
Emagic Homepage
Shareware Music Machine - World's Biggest Music Software Site!
Musician's Tech Central - Music Equipment, Recording, MIDI, Digital Audio, Indie How-to
Good resource for keeping up to date with music technology

Music History and theory

Ricci Adams' - Animated music theory lessons *****AMAZING
Simply unbelievable! Flash animations teach music theory. Ricci Adams, the creator of this site is a genius. Probably the best link we have!
Bach Harmony
A simple page outlining the rules of Bach harmony for students. Well worth a look! Bach Chorales*****
All of Bach's 4 part chorales in MIDI format

Superb if you teach 4 part harmony
Endeavour Music Limited musical instruments and accessories, buy online, music information and online help
Good dictionary of terms and audio samples of instruments
The Classical Music Pages
A comprehensive music history site
Classical Composers' Information Archive
A very large database of composers lives with pictures *****
Music Dictionary
Baroque Music Outline
Music Theory from Rose Williams
A comprehensive site which includes some good material on music theory, it that's your thing. Good listening notes on popular music.
Medieval and Renaissance Instruments
Gary Ewer's "Easy Music Theory"
A Passion for Jazz - music commentary, history and education.
The Classical Music Pages
Outstanding reference *****
Steve Reich Page
Boosey & Hawkes, Inc.
Very good site which features biographies of composers.*****
Classical Music - Classical Net Frames - Classical Music
Music History 102
Very good History of music site with Real Audio *****
General Music 101
A good general history of music
An Introduction to Classical Music
Superb history of music site from Naxos *****
Music History Resources
This provides brief study notes based on Grout/Palisca
The Internet Renaissance Band - Renaissance Music
Lots of sound clips of Renaissance music. worth a visit.
Elizabethan music: the madrigal
Good site covering the history of medieval and renaissance music. Difficult navigation though.
Classical Net - Composer Master Index
Excellent site giving details of composers' works and biographies *****

Sheet music, lyrics etc.

The Sheet Music Archive free classical sheet music
***** Excellent source for free music.
A small site with free sheet music for schools. Has good potential
mfiles - free music files and musical notes
Amazing site with originality. Beyond description! *****
Guitar Resources: Tablature: INDEX
The A to Z of UK Hit Lyrics 2002
Lyrics to the top hits of today
(_o_)===/`. RAWKTABS: Perfect quality guitar tablature and lyrics [ROCK MP3/MIDI/GTP] (_o_)===/`.
Piano Pedagogy Plus! Home Page
TabCrawler®: Guitar Tabs & Lessons Search Engine
SONGS 4 TEACHERS - Music Resources for the Primary Teacher
Familiar songs with alternative words. American wording may not be suitable for UK ('recess', 'bugs' etc.)
Sponsored by Sibelius, this looks VERY interesting. Buy or get free arrangements in Scorch format. You will need the plug in from
Free sheet music for recorder
A very good site by a dedicated music teacher, Peter van Marissing *****
Musica Viva: The free sheet music archives
An excellent source of free music, about 700 pieces altogether *****
Songs with English Lyrix
Renegade OLGA
OLGA: Artist/Last Name 'A'
Guitar Song Lyrics with Chords
Guitar chords with lyrics (zipped)
The Virtual Tunebook
Free classical sheet music
Fantastic downloads of free stuff here *****
SongFile Home
Search for sheet music. Also hear RealAudio excerpts. Fantastic site.

mp3 sites

Free MP3 Music Downloads Bands & Artist Group Biography Discography Fan Club News Official Sites CD DVD Video
Great site. This lists many interesting web sites including the home pages of many contemporary bands ***** - home page
FAST MP3 Search results

Music department web sites

Croeso i Cerdd Caerfyrddin/Welcome to Carmarthenshire Music
Caldicot Comprehensive, S. Wales
Chalmers Mackay Music School
Homepage of South Hunsley Music Department
Dudley Music pages
An excellent example of music teachers in a LEA communicating via the internet.
St.Mary's College Music Department, Hull
My school!
Hampshire Music Service
John Spendluffe school music dept.
Bushey hall school music dept
Holgate School Music Department
Chaucer Technology School - Music Website

Midi sites

Index of /Pop/
MIDI Music
General MIDI Files (GM) at the MIDI Farm
Classical MIDI files
An awesome amount of stuff here.
A Select List of Only the Very Best Midi Pages (MIDI Midi midi)
Searching the Internet for a Certain MIDI File
SpockFu's Pop Midis
Good site, but annoying popups.

World Music

Monkey Gamelan *****
This is a Californian Gamelan band with a superb site. You can see pictures of the instruments and even play then with your computer keyboard
Music India OnLine - Vocal
A database of musicians in India. The music clips are very good.
Music in Latin America - LANIC
Lots of links to Latin American music sites
Cora Connection: The Manding Music Traditions of West Africa
About the World of Music
African instruments
World Music - Welcome from The Mining Co.
A good list of resources on the net
The Batish Institute of Indian Music and Fine Arts
African music reviews by region: RootsWorld
Music of the World: for the best in traditional and contemporary world music.
Sacred Harp Singing
Foundation Course In African Dance Drumming
Cross rhythms of West Africa explained in detail.
ARC Music Home Page
Music of the World
Excellent background on World music. Sound files and pictures of instruments

Lots of links to World music sites

Music retailers

Hands On MIDI Software : for Professional MIDI files, Karaoke Backing Tracks, Musical Arrangements and more
A commercial site that sells backing tracks and lyrics files.
Articulate Music
A commercial site with some free content.
Starshine Music Your News & Shopping Headquarters The Surf Stops Here!
CDnow : The Internet's Number One Music Store
Jump! Music - Sheet Music Store
Clarus Music, Ltd.

Other music sites

JAZZ COURSES SCHEDULE : Jazz Lessons, Blues Lessons, Improvisation Lessons, Saxophone Lessons, Music Theory
Virginia Allen - Faculty member, Juilliard
Real UK Music
Links to all things musical in the UK
Free classical sheet music *****
Amazing site. Free sheet music in various formats including SCORCH (if you don't have scorch, get it at *****
Mark Wheeller Index
A Jazz Improvisation Primer
ECLEF.NET - the music hub for the music people. - The UK's Award Winning Online Ticket Service, Event Guide & Venue Directory
Want to go to a gig - this is where to get tickets.
SampleNet - the sampling resource
Welcome to Tower Records Europe
GlassPages: Audio files
For fans of Philip Glass
The Official UK Charts from dotmusic - Top 75 Singles
Brilliant site *****
Welcome to the Rough Guide to Rock
Amazing database of information on rock artists.
MusicLink - Web Page design and hosting for the music industry in the British Isles
Instrument Jokes
A bit of light relief *****
Electrostatic Loudspeakers, Electrostatic Headphones, Audio Magazine, Binaural, Sound Recording
Incorporated Society of Musicians
The World of Wind Ensembles and Symphonic Bands -- Online

Music education sites*****
Tim, a wizard web page writer and musician has written these pages. Lots of excellent AS and A level material and clarinet resources.
Music 4 Education
Good UK based music education site with well presented lesson plans
Texas School Music Project
Some interesting common problems and some suggested solutions.
NC online | Music
BBC Radio 3 - Making Tracks Homepage *****
Superb games for learning essential music skills *****
Colin's page
Some useful teaching resources on this personal site.
ABC Music Notes Home Page *****
Excellent GCSE and A level revision notes
Welcome to
The K-12 National Standards, PreK Standards, and What They Mean to Music Educators
The USA curriculum for music
National Association of Music Educators
A promising site. Finds teachers in your area (UK). Very small database at the moment though.
Another database of teachers in the UK. Not quite as full as but worth a look.
Music GCSE Revision *****
An excellent site for revision, built by a student.
GCSE Music revision *****
An outstanding site built by an innovative teacher in Norfolk.
Wedelmusic Home
Music Education Articles
Excellent articles from Suite 101 *****
Music is and the Value of Music in Education
Excellent articles on music education. *****
Good articles on music education from this US site
Music Theory For Songwriters
A great site for introducing essential theory to songwriters. Very well written by someone who really understands music educations *****
Advice to bandleaders, free music downloads. Help and advice to those wanting to start their own bands.
European Schoolnet
EduNET Connect *****
An excellent Canadian education site
Music Technology Handouts
Children's Music by D.F.Saphra
Game : Notes in Space
A good little freeware game. More on offer to buy if you like it.
Music in Schools on the Upbeat
Very good articles on US music ed
MuSICA: Music & Science Information Computer Archive
Articles on music and science. Outstanding
The Music Education Forum
The Kodaly Method
Parenting Central
Excellent articles on how music can educate in the broadest sense.
Music lessons may open the mind to math and science.
Excellent essays on how music can educate in the broadest sense *****
Glossary of Musical Terms
Brilliant! *****
Index to Rounds
Allegro - The Music Education Search Site
The Music Rack
Some good downloadable material here for teachers
Welcome to KIDiddles (TM) - Not your Average Kids' site!
The School Page UK
Music Education Online
A good site for music education
The Musicland - the new educational website for music
Ofsted reports
A very original site about the origins of songs and their value to music education. Some very good material here, but some rubbish as well!
MusicTech / Home
The best music technology site for teachers. A fabulous resource. *****
Fun Music Ideas Archives, A Newsletter for Music Educators
An excellent site with hundreds of ideas. *****
The National Curriculum for Music

Storytime Songs

An interesting site written by US teacher/musician Shauna Tominey.  Some very good ideas for focussing listening activities within traditional songs with Early Years and also for cross curricular. 

Other links pages

Music - Lesson Plans Webquests
Kidslink Safe Sites *****
An outstanding site for links. Thousands of them.
Topmarks Education - high quality, free educational resources on the Internet
Music genres
Links to sites, provided by Indiana University
Music Education -
Music Studyweb
Lots of links, rated.
Zoltan Sagi's site
Some very good links in here.
Some educational sites (rleggat)
Other Hot Music Links
Music Education Resource Links (MERL)
Music links galore!

Musical instruments

The guitar and keyboard chords encyclopedia.htm
Piano Pedagogy Plus! Home Page
This is a links site which covers an awsome amount of free stuff for drummers. Great lessons. A one-stop shop for drummers and teachers ***** - The Official Guitar Chord-of-the-Week
Britpop A Comprehensive Guitar Tab Archive
Guitarnoise *****
Excellent free resources and lessons for guitarists.
Recorder music
Free recorder music
Piano Lessons:Music and You: Home Page
Encyclopedia of Percussion
Lemelson Center
Electric guitar info
The Lute Society: home page
flamenco guitar transcriptions
Lessons On-Line
Excellent site for clarinettists and clarinet teachers. Very good lessons 'on line'
Drum Call: Index
Violin & Cello playing - Dancla String School Site
UK Piano Page
The internet cello society
The Guitarist home page
The Essential Guitar Guide

Another guitar site worth visiting